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Knowledge Coupled With Passion
April 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Amy Bedard when I was approached by a builder interested in purchasing my land. Unfortunately for me, the builder was not a model citizen, but fortunately for me, I worked with Amy—she was my only saving grace through this almost two-year process.  She handled each twist and turn as if she were representing herself.

Amy’s deep knowledge of her industry coupled with her passion for her customers made this transaction palatable – even when the builder decided to build an entire house on my land that wasn’t even purchased!!! Amy called him to task multiple times and was able to get me $70K over the original asking price. Amy worked tirelessly to get me what I deserved, even if it meant working off hours and on weekends. Her determination and care for her clients really struck me. She is the only realtor I will ever use / recommend.

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